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Alpha Shares
4 min readApr 16, 2022


Alpha Shares

The rebrand from Alpha Nodes to Alpha Shares has been in the works for months, and we are finally ready to show off all the hard work and dedication to turn our vision into a reality. Our contracts have been completed and sent off to audit, our rebrand complete, and our marketplace is being tested on testnet daily. Today is the day we get to share with you all our new brand identity, and fully move into the next chapter of our protocol — Alpha Shares.

Our entire rebrand came at a premium as we spared no expense to ensure every aspect of Alpha Shares reflected the professional nature of our protocol. We are a business, a brand, and our amazing holders get to benefit from the platforms and services we launch through our $ALPHA utility token. We are so much more than the Phase 1 reflection token we started out as, and nothing has changed or altered the vision we’ve set forth to achieve since Day 1. Strap in and be prepared as we spearhead an entire new genre to DeFi and NFTs.

NFT Sneak Peek

Our NFTs have been in the works for almost 2 months now, and progress is right on track. To recap, we will be releasing our Genesis collection of 157 special NFTs first, with the remaining 9,843 base NFTs being minted with 100 Billion $ALPHA tokens soon after. We have kept our NFT art under extreme secrecy — until now. Feast your eyes upon TWO Apex Wolf NFT sneak peeks below:

Two extra special 1 of 1 Apex Wolf NFT sneak peeks! (2 of 10)


Our OGs have always been a critical part to our community’s ecosystem, and we will be rewarding all of them with the first Whitelist spots for the upcoming mint. These whitelist spots are for the base 9,843 mint and will allow you to mint a full 24 hours prior to the public mint. There will be no competition or worry about a “mint out” during this period.

Over the coming weeks we will be running promotions with multiple influencers and other projects to grow our community and giveaway whitelist spots to the public. We have set aside a number of these whitelist opportunities, so make sure to stay tuned within our Discord and partner events to try and snag one!

AlphaShare NFT Marketplace

As stated above, the contracts for our NFT Marketplace are currently undergoing an audit that has been on-going with back and forth feedback between our engineering team and the auditors. During this time we are building out and testing all the functionalities of our marketplace on testnet, and ensuring everything will be ready for a flawless experience during the genesis auction. We know that you have all been patiently waiting to see what we’ve been building, and you won’t be disappointed. The first look at the marketplace is coming very soon.

Key Points From Alpha Shares Whitepaper

We understand that our newest whitepaper release was quite lengthy, and many of the fine details could get lost. Here I’m going to break down some key points around our new protocol. First, see below for a visual of how our platform fees will be structured on the marketplace:

Half of all transaction fees goes back to NFT stakers, with 20% going into the single-sided staking pool.

Our marketplace is the first of many projects under the Alpha Shares umbrella that will be a premium service with a real use case and generating real value. To partake in the utility of our protocol you must either have one of our 10,000 Alpha Wolf NFTs or stake the $ALPHA token directly. Our NFT release and pricing will be as follows:

Genesis NFTs:

  • 100 Lone Wolf NFTs — Starting bid 20 AVAX
  • 47 Ronin Wolf NFTs — Starting bid 40 AVAX
  • 10 Apex Wolf NFTs — Starting bid 60 AVAX

Base NFT Mint

  • 9,843 Alpha NFTs — Mint price = 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion) $ALPHA tokens.
  • After WL & OG mint, there will only be 1,000 base Alpha Wolf NFTs available for mint per 7-day period.
  • These NFTs will begin to emit utility token ($ALPHA) rewards immediately.

When Mint?

Since we are not a traditional NFT project and our NFTs will be minted with our $ALPHA token, the coming weeks will be considered a pre-sale period for people to acquire the tokens they need for mint day. We have extensive marketing lined up to get our rebrand out there and make this Phase 2 launch as fair as possible for everyone.

We have been excitedly waiting for this rebrand to be complete so we can finally show off everything we’ve been working so hard on. We will not disappoint. Stay Alpha.



Alpha Shares

Alpha Shares is a blockchain technology company focused on decentralizing the utility, ownership and benefits of DeFi applications.