Alpha Shares Launch Press Release

Alpha Shares Launches Revolutionary New NFT Marketplace

Alpha Shares began life as a reflection token on the AVAX blockchain seeded with $10k in liquidity, and taxing buys, sells and transfers by 18% to grow a treasury and pay reflections to holders. From the beginning this treasury was touted for one reason — grow a war chest of capital that’s only purpose is to build a true passive income protocol. We are nearing the 6 month mark from that initial launch on February 19th, and we have now built the protocol of our dreams.

Alpha Nodes (original name before Alpha Shares) spawned during a period in DeFi where ponzinomic structures took a massive foothold in most projects — incentivizing project founders to create projects with unrealistic returns that are highly dependent on hype marketing and new investors buying into the project (who’s investment goes back to pay the previous investors, hmmmm). These projects inevitably all failed, since the backbone to true sustainability of a financial model has to come from value creation, not just a transfer of wealth. However, there was one key point the Alpha Shares team learned from this time period — a true passive income protocol is what everyone is after, the true golden egg.

To create a true passive income protocol (PIP), you must understand that any passive income protocol has at least two major constraints.

#1. The beneficiaries of the income must be an exclusive and limited group of individuals. It is impossible to pay everyone and anyone passive income — as the number of mouths to feed doubles, your income must as well. At some point, that will be unattainable.

#2. Unless you’re only looking to pay a handful of constituents, you’re going to have to grow a business with massively scalable income streams. Ponzinomic projects like NaaS projects only worked because one person’s investment was another person’s pay, a far easier transfer of wealth that is conducive to high volumes of money and fake “APRs”. These APRs come from how many new investors purchase, not the bottom line’s net income of a balance sheet. The difference is massive, and to grow an honest business that can generate the same amount of income as a pyramid scheme takes massive scope. To make this work, you need to build a business that can scale into a billion dollar industry.

Alpha Shares was developed after the team analyzed the NFT industry as a whole, and noticed that it had become a multi-billion dollar industry with very few players taking market share. For example, OpenSea and LooksRare were each doing roughly $100 Million per day in volume (March 2022) and taking 2–2.5% fees. This means they were making $2+ Million per day in fees that were generated and paid to their centralized group of PE firms, VCs, and angel investors. That’s great, and very traditional, but blockchain technology enables a new era. The Alpha Shares marketplace decentralizes that ownership across our NFT collection and users staking our token. An NFT marketplace is an automatic system governed and operated by smart contracts with 0 human interaction. Once deployed, trading activity is human-free, but still generates fees from the trading activity. These fees are automatically and proportionately distributed to NFT holders or token stakers. When you join our ecosystem, you become an owner of a world-class premium NFT marketplace.

Revolutionary ground up NFT Marketplace

Alpha Shares Marketplace was designed and engineered by senior professionals stemming from the web2 space. To compete with the top marketplaces out there, we understand a user experience is above all else.

With our world class designers and excellent development team we’ve managed to build a uniquely designed marketplace that focuses on intuitiveness at it’s core. The marketplace is launching on Avalanche Chain, but will be ported over to most EVM compatible chains in just a few short weeks. Solana is on the horizon as well, but requires a bit more effort. We find it paramount to cater our services to as many chains as possible to keep trading activity in one hub, rather than forcing users to use multiple services. Throughout our development we have found there are many new types of NFTs utilizing technology not seen before, needing to be presented in a different fashion than the traditional 2D JPEG style.

We have positioned our marketplace to be ready for all new forms of NFTs, and present them exactly how the project founders want them presented.

An NFT Marketplace has the potential to be a hub for trading, flipping, launching, community interaction, education and more. A marketplace brings people, projects, investors and new technologies together and enables ecosystems to grow and thrive. A marketplace is driven by the user, and only the user is what makes one successful — that is why we find it important to ensure all users feel like they have a piece of ownership over the software they utilize. As we can see from the financial history of the top marketplaces out there, ownership of these systems can be quite financially friendly as well.

The NFT Market as a whole increased from around a $600-$800 Million annual industry (2020) to an over $10 Billion industry (2021). This growth outpaced that of traditional tokens, and indicators show these non-fungible tokens aren’t going anywhere. This industry is large but infantile and ripe for the picking. Alpha Shares will strategically position the company to ensure growth into a significant portion of marketshare, especially before the next bull-run.

How do you become an owner of Alpha Shares?

Alpha Shares is releasing an upcoming collection of 10,000 NFTs that fractionalize your ownership over the marketplace. 9,843 out of the 10,000 NFTs will be purchasable / minted with 100 Billion $ALPHA tokens once the mint opens up at the beginning of next week. There will only be 1,000 NFTs available for mint per week. Prior to the 9,843 being minted, there will be a Genesis Auction for the first 157 Genesis NFTs. These NFTs have much higher weighted returns than a base NFT, because they are so exclusive and limited. These will be auctioned off using AVAX in an English Auction style. May the highest bidder win! The auction will last for 48 hours. There are 3 tiers of Genesis NFTs:

100 Lone Wolves — Starting bid 20 AVAX (3x earnings multiple from base)

47 Ronin Wolves — Starting bid 40 AVAX (7.8x earnings multiple from base)

10 Apex Wolves — Starting bid 60 AVAX (18x earnings multiple from base)

The Alpha Shares marketplace is launching prior to the mint on 8/11, for a soft launch with the top 40–50 Avalanche NFT projects available for trade.

The Genesis Auction is 8/13–8/14, and the base mint will open up next week.

We are weeks away from being on all EVM compatible chains, including ETH, and just a couple months or so away from Solana.

We are building a massive community of traders, investors, HODLers, collectors and anyone that wants to join the Alpha Pack. To the moon!



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Alpha Shares is a blockchain technology company focused on decentralizing the utility, ownership and benefits of DeFi applications.