Alpha Shares & Momentum — New DeFi Division

Alpha Nodes was born in the heart of a bull market after two crypto entrepreneurs got together with the vision to create an exciting DeFi product that generates value for everyone involved. We succeeded in that vision, and built Alpha Shares — a community owned NFT Marketplace that decentralizes ownership participation and allows our NFT holders to benefit from a budding web3 ecosystem.

Decentralized Finance technology (DeFi) has always been at the core of what drives our team, our innovation, and the impetus to keep building. For months we have been iterating on the roadmap of other DeFi products under the Alpha Shares umbrella, and today we are here to unveil Alpha Shares’ DeFi Division — Momentum.

Alpha Shares’ next big NFT marketplace milestone will be launching on Ethereum, and our robust team has been establishing a foundation for our DeFi roadmap in parallel.

The creation of a unique algorithmic stabilizer began shortly after the launch of the marketplace in preparation for the migration of our Alpha token — BadShogun (John) developed a proprietary liquidity management system from the ground up, and it underwent extensive offline testing and internal auditing. The next step was to either deploy the mechanism with our v2 token, or to run a mainnet test to further solidify our confidence in the mechanism. In order to maintain a fair baseline launch, we deployed a token using this technology on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) pseudo-anonymously.

The Momentum Project and it’s $MASS token were born.

YouTube Video By Selected Investments

Alpha Shares founders BadShogun and Sub.eth worked with a team to create Momentum and stealth launch the project on BSC with zero marketing efforts. The project quickly evolved into something quite remarkable as the protocol and mechanism worked flawlessly. We then set out to fully establish Alpha Shares’ DeFi arm and accelerate the DeFi efforts without detracting from the NFT marketplace’s current goals.

  • The Alpha Shares brand will focus on the NFT market including the marketplace, launchpad services and proprietary NFT projects.
  • The Momentum brand is the DeFi Division focusing on innovating DeFi technologies for the upcoming DEX, autocompounder and other DeFi services.

Our motivation to push the boundaries of decentralized finance technology and develop proprietary solutions is what allows us to achieve our mission of creating unique experiences.

How Alpha Shares and Momentum Intertwine

Alpha Shares and Momentum are completely synergistic. Current NFT holders of The Alpha Pack (T.A.P.) will benefit from the Momentum protocol. Starting immediately, a percentage of all Momentum treasury income will be bridged from BSC to Avalanche and deposited directly into the contract that feeds rewards to (T.A.P.) NFT holders. This will happen on a regular cadence going forward — a percentage of net profit will be bridged back to increase NFT rewards from BSC and all other chains we launch MASS on.

MASS on Avalanche

Within the next 2–3 weeks the MASS token will launch on Avalanche, with the launch price being the exact same as it is on BSC at the time trading goes live. There will be no opportunity to benefit from selling tokens on one chain to participate in the launch on another, since the prices will be synchronized ( little to no arbitrage ). Once launch occurs, the prices will be synced utilizing The Momentum Mechanism (T.M.M.).

When MASS is launched on AVAX, we will also open a staking pool for Alpha / USDC LP. This staking pool will be fed a percentage of bonds in USDC from MASS on Avalanche. The rewards from this staking pool will be in USDC and provide a greater volume of rewards for our Alpha stakers. This mechanism should significantly increase our Alpha/USDC pair liquidity depth and trading stability.

A percentage of bonds will also be distributed to T.A.P. holders via the transaction fee distributor and claimed as dynamic rewards, meaning more dynamic rewards for T.A.P. holders.

Once the Momentum system is launched on AVAX, mints utilizing the Alpha token for T.A.P. will cease and only USDC will be able to be used to mint.

This is just the start of the integration and new offerings — DEX and auto compounder are not far behind, along with new and unique mechanisms specific to the MASS system–code names Singularities and the Mass Accelerator.

Alpha: The Future Has So Much Momentum

Isn’t this release so packed full of information? Well you’re about to get even more dropped on you.

The Momentum Project is so much more, it’s an incubator, it’s a revenue generating powerhouse that uses its treasury to invest and build income producing systems like Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining, Proof of Stake (PoS) validator nodes, farming strategies and more. Profits from these investments will be returned to investors through the dividend distributor to all MASS holders across all chains proportional to the amount of MASS you hold on each chain.

Crazy right? Just think, what do you get when you combine the power of Alpha Shares NFTs with the power of Momentum’s DeFi technology and investments? Capabilities unlocked. This will allow you to be invested in a project or hold an NFT that gives you access to getting dividends from services like PoW and PoS. The NFT mint sales will drive marketplace traffic and returns will be distributed in USDC to holders. That’s the power of Alpha Shares + Momentum.

These technologies sometimes require boots on the ground. Problem solved.

Alpha Shares founders John and Tyler recently traveled to Asuncion, Paraguay to form business relationships and to secure electricity rates at $0.03/kWh. This electricity rate represents one of the best available in the entire world for proof of work crypto currency mining.

In addition to the secured electricity rate, Alpha Shares will be established as a business entity in Paraguay, and John will relocate to Asuncion in January to oversee all operations in person. The team is currently expanding at a rapid rate, and these new additions to our ecosystem enable us to quickly increase our development capacity.

There will be A LOT more information dropping on this in the coming weeks as well as roadmaps. It’s safe to say there will be a couple new NFT collections under the Alpha Shares brand dropping exclusively on Ethereum with our marketplace release. Everything ties back into the T.A.P. ecosystem on Avalanche. Buckle Up!

In Conclusion

The addition of Momentum to the Alpha Shares ecosystem means The Alpha Pack holders will receive even more rewards than they were before, and allows Alpha Shares to grow quickly as a company and increase our development and marketing capacities.

Remaining agile in tumultuous times such as now is paramount to the success of a budding web3 start-up. Efforts need to be focused, but not too narrow-minded. Our mission is to create unique experiences and that requires pushing the boundaries and constantly innovating. We build while others sit back, we fight when others rest, we innovate, we create and we won’t stop. We pave our own path for the entire Alpha community. Let’s go!


Why did the Alpha Shares team not notify the community about The Momentum Project at launch?

  • Launching The Momentum Project in a stealth and anonymous fashion allowed us to keep outside influence, bias or hype from skewing results or the performance of TMM. Once it was determined from an unbias perspective that this new technology worked exactly as anticipated, we knew it was time to involve Alpha Shares. We have a focused effort on the NFT side of Alpha Shares that we do not need to overlap into new DeFi technologies. Our aim is to protect our existing community, while also bringing trusted opportunities to you all.

Did the development of Momentum take away from the Alpha Shares roadmap?

  • No, many of our development timelines are structured in parallel so we can focus efforts across multiple planes and remain agile. The technology behind TMM has been under development since our plans to migrate our token and launch our own DEX began.
  • We have laid out a rough roadmap since our Alpha Shares whitepaper release in April of 2022 which includes mention of a DEX, autocompounder and other DeFi products / services.

Why wasn’t the Momentum Mechanism wrapped into the Alpha Shares token?

  • Stabilizers are vulnerable to bot traders if the stabilized token is not also taxed
  • Alpha token liquidity is currently low, making the stabilizer ineffective
  • Alpha token makes more sense in the larger ecosystem as an uncapped ( in terms of price ) reward and speculative token since it is now and will remain tax free
  • Alpha token reserves may be used in the future as a reward token to DEX LP providers

Who are Kratos and Kronos?

  • Kratos and Kronos were BadShogun and Sub.eth’s temporary alter-egos as they confirmed the success of the new technology.

Why did you use alter-egos for the Momentum launch?

  • Similar to the answer to the first question — we wanted to keep this project completely separate from Alpha Shares until we were confident our technology worked exactly as we anticipated. A mainnet test was the final step before integration to Alpha.

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